Board Toolkit

The Board Toolkit is designed to help non-executive directors ensure their businesses have the strategic plans in place to respond to climate change

The Board Toolkit helps boards structure a discussion about climate change. It explains a five step process to help protect enterprise value in response to climate change.

The Board Toolkit has two parts: an overview of the implications of climate change on business and an automated tool, called the Board Readiness Check, designed to help your board understand how ready the company is to address climate challenges.

1. The Board Toolkit - Overview

The overview helps non-executive directors deepen their understanding of climate change and the challenges it poses to a business.  

The Board Toolkit – Overview provides non-executive directors with a five step process to protect enterprise value by minimising emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change. It will enable non-executive directors to identify and respond to climate-related risks and opportunities.

2. The Board Readiness Check

To support you with step 2 of the Board Toolkit, the Board Readiness check is designed to establish if there is a need to do more to address climate change in your business.  

The Board Readiness Check is an automated assessment to help you compare how ready the board is to make progress on climate change challenges, and the implications of any concerns, against five key areas. It allows you to identify the board’s intended target state for the five key areas in comparison to the current state so you can establish a need for action. The Board Readiness Check is designed so that you can complete it yourself, or your board can work on it together. 

Use the Board Readiness Check to:  

  1. Understand your current state and its implications if this is the first time your board has considered or discussed climate change  
  2. Find out why climate-action is relevant to your business, or learn more about its relevance  
  3. Do a quick ‘litmus test’ of the progress you are already making  
  4. Check you have done everything you need to do   

How the Board Readiness Check works 

The Board Readiness Check can be completed individually or collectively with the other members of your Board. When you access the Board Readiness Check you will be asked to respond to a series of questions with the current state of the business, and the target state. The options available reflect a continuum of climate change action – unprepared, compliant, proactive and leading.

Once complete you will be presented with results that summarise and visualise the current situation against your target state. From here you can move to step three of the Board Toolkit to define the change that is needed and plan the board and companies journey’s to get there. 


Five areas of assessment

Footprint, Compliance, Sentiment, Risk, Opportunities 

Within the tool, the questions are subdivided into five areas of assessment. These provide the board with an opportunity to consider the impact and implications of climate change on the business and establish a need for action. 

Four levels of attainment

Unprepared, Compliant, Proactive, Leading 

Each area of assessment has a set of four sample answers, representing a stage on the continuum of climate change action from ‘1. Unprepared’ to ‘4. Leading’. For each question, the user is asked which answer best represents the ‘Current’ state and intended ‘Target’ state.  

The Board Toolkit was created by Chapter Zero, the Berkeley Partnership and the Hughes Hall Centre for Climate Change Engagement.