Strategic planning

Strategic planning

The resources below have been collated to provide non-executive directors with a knowledge hub.  This brings together relevant climate change materials from regulators, standard setters and other content creators.
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Newly added resources

Carbon Trust
Ben Peel

Covid-19 has delivered a powerful lesson on the risks of long, linear supply chains. How can businesses improve their supply chain resilience, while also contributing to a green recovery?

20 July 2020

Business in the Community

Factsheet helps organisations create a pathway to accelerate the transition to net- zero. For further guidance, consult ‘Why now is the time to start your net zero carbon journey’ factsheet.

2 July 2020

Deloitte Academy 10-minute read

Article based on a webinar relating to role of boards in transitioning to net zero. Speakers: Mark Carney UN Special Envoy Climate Action and Finance; Howard Covington, Chair Alan Turing Institute; Richard Cranfield, Chair Global Corporate Practice Allen & Overy; Sharon Thorne, Global Chair Deloitte, and Dr Nigel Wilson, CEO Legal & General Plc.

23 June 2020

Business in the Community

Examines the opportunities available to tackle the climate emergency as governments begin the process of restarting economies. Provides guidance when using the BITC ‘Target setting: Getting started on your net-zero journey’ factsheet.

3 June 2020
Previous reports, analysis and articles
Organisation / Publication / AuthorLinkInformationDate
Chapter Zero with CISL and Earth on BoardHow can boards deliver net zero carbon business strategy ?Briefing from Chapter Zero webinar with CISL and Earth on Board, exploring five key drivers for change.01/05/2020
Net Zero InitiativeThe Net Zero Initiative - a framework for carbon neutralityThe Net Zero Initiative provides organizations with a method to effect climate action to achieve carbon neutrality. The framework proposes an organization should reduce its direct emissions, as well as those of others, and improve carbon sinks. Full Report and Executive Summary available.01/04/2020
Catherine Clifford
Bill Gates: How the coronavirus pandemic can help the world solve climate change “That idea of innovation and science and the world working together — that is totally common between these two problems, and so I don’t think this has to be a huge set back for climate,” Gates told TED’s Chris Anderson during a livestreamed conversation on March 24.31/03/2020
CISL and The British army with Earth on BoardInforming a strategic response to climate changeA review of a workshop for the British Army addressing:
– The strategic implications of climate change for the Army, and how the Army is responding
– Internal leadership and commitment
– Engaging external stakeholders
Herbert Smith FreehillsClimate Change – Succeed in a lower carbon futureThis report considers the political, regulatory and commercial pressures arising from climate change and examine the opportunities and rewards for corporates leading the charge into a lower-carbon future.01/09/2019
BSR/GlobeScanThe State of Sustainable Business 2019 Results of the 11th Annual Survey of Sustainable Business Leaders 2019Provides insight into sustainable business and looks at the future milestones around which companies are planning their sustainability strategies and what they’ll be doing differently.01/09/2019
By B Lab UK with the support and guidance of The B Team and Oxford University’s Saïd Business SchoolA playbook for businessThe purpose of this playbook is to inspire and support businesses of all sizes who want to take climate action, declare a climate emergency and engage in meaningful climate advocacy. The playbook will present practical tools and resources for business executives and employees who wish to step up their commitment to transforming their organisation’s governance, operations and business models to address the climate emergency.11/12/2019
INSEAD KnowledgeWhat’s Stopping Boards from Taking Action on Sustainability?Increasingly, board members recognise that their sustainability responsibilities have changed. To help boards turn their sustainability aspirations into actions, six points have been identified where immediate action can be taken.29/04/2019
The Carbon TrustThe Carbon Trust: Aim higher: how business can help achieve 1.5ºCThe consequences of climate change are negative and formidable, including damage to infrastructure, disruption of supply chains, water scarcity and shifts in customer behaviour. How can businesses mitigate these risks by working to keep global warming below 1.5°C?01/10/2017
The Carbon TrustThe Carbon Trust: Titans or titanics? Climate change and businessHow will the transition to a low carbon, environmentally sustainable future affect projected cash flows and company value? And as the drivers for an environmentally sustainable economy grow stronger, would your company consider changing products, services and business models?01/06/2015
Science Based Targets InitiativesScience Based Targets Initiative: Visit websiteWhy should businesses adopt science-based targets as they act on climate change and what are the benefits to future growth of a corporate commitment to science-based targets and decarbonisation?01/05/2014
The Carbon TrustThe Carbon Trust: Climate change – a business revolution?What is the impact of a transition to a low carbon economy on companies and how can this transition affect projected cash flows and company value?22/09/2008
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