Scenario analysis

Scenario analysis

The resources below have been collated to provide non-executive directors with a knowledge hub.  This brings together relevant climate change materials from regulators, standard setters and other content creators.
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Newly added resources

McKinsey & Company

Case study that explores how flood risk may evolve for Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Bristol in the United Kingdom in order to illustrate the changing extent of flooding, the landscape of human exposure, and the magnitude of societal and economic impacts.

20 April 20
Previous reports, analysis and articles

McKinsey & Company

Kimberley Henderson

Climate math: What a 1.5-degree pathway would take A 1.5-degree pathway is technically achievable, but the math is daunting. This analysis presents a scenario that could be, a reality check on how far we are from achieving it, and a road map to help steer through challenges ahead. April 2020

Bloomberg Green

Eric Roston

Bloomberg climate simulatorBloomberg tests En-ROADS, a policy-simulator-tool for curious individuals to test assumptions about specific climate solutions – and presents what it will take to keep the world below 2°C. April 2020

CalPERS, Wellington Management & Woods Hole Research Center

Calpers Wellington Physical Risks of ClimateThis Physical Risk of Climate Change (P-ROCC) framework is a helpful guide for company management teams to integrate climate science-based scenarios into their strategic planning and disclosures.Sept. 2019
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