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Newly added resources

Financial Times

Net zero goals for oil companies do not tell the whole storyCompanies involved in the extraction and processing of oil and gas need to recognise the huge impact of the energy transition on their business models.24 June 2020

McKinsey Quarterly

Exploration of how the power industry could provide cheap, sustainable power according to four key market types, with pathways demonstrating the most economical way to fully decarbonize each by 2040.

June  2020

Transition Pathway Initiative

Assesses recent climate change announcements from six European oil & gas majors and analyses how far these companies have come and how far they need to go to reach net zero.

May 2020

McKinsey & Company
Joseba Eceiza et al

Financing a green agenda is as much a commercial imperative as the outcome of regulatory pressure, but specialized skills are needed to protect balance sheets.


May 2020

National Infrastructure Commission

Anticipate, React, Recover: Resilient infrastructure systemsA new framework for resilience is needed to ensure UK energy, water, digital, road and rail infrastructure can cope with disruption. The past year has demonstrated the impact of such disruption, which in the future will be exacerbated by climate and other changes.28 May 2020

Business Green

Is the future of zero-carbon social housing taking shape in Greenwich?Four zero-carbon council homes unveiled in south London borough, each with air source heat pumps and solar panels; built by ilke Homes.14 July 2020

International Energy Agency

Global EV Outlook 2020Combining historical analysis with projections to 2030, the report examines electric vehicle and charging infrastructure deployment, ownership cost, energy use, carbon dioxide emissions and battery material demand.15 June 2020

BMC Energy
Simon Bullock et al

Shipping and the Paris climate agreement: a focus on committed emissionsThe concept of “committed emissions”, which allows us to understand what proportion of the Paris-constrained global CO2 budget is taken up by existing infrastructure, is applied to international shipping.June 2020

Previous reports, analysis and articles


Bank 2030
Accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy
This project set out to understand how banks can accelerate the financing of the low carbon economy and develop a vision for what a climate progressive bank should look like. The research was based on 100 interviews, including 88 with senior bankers in Europe, Asia and the Americas.Jan. 2020

Boston Common Asset Management, LLC

Banking on a Low-Carbon Future: Finance in a Time of Climate Crisis – Impact report 2019Boston Common’s study of how global banks are managing climate risks and opportunities.Nov. 2019

World Green Building Council

World Green Building Council Advancing Net Zero Report 2020Highlights leadership action from the building and construction sector towards achieving total sector decarbonisation. With case studies of verified net zero buildings and examples of initiatives from those supporting the transition to net zero carbon buildings.June 2020

Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor

Stranding risk and carbon – science-based decarbonising of the EU commercial real estate sectorThis paper provides background information on ‘stranding risk’ in the property sector, describes global and EU policies on climate change mitigation as well as international standards on the assessment of greenhouse gases, explains how property specific targets can be derived from global climate targets and international commitments and focuses the assessment of greenhouse gases and strategies to manage and reduce resulting risks on a property and corporate level.03 Sept. 2019

Financial Times

Danish groups join forces to deliver green hydrogen projectSix Denmark companies team up to launch green hydrogen project to create emission-free fuels suitable for ships, trucks, aircraft and heavy industry.25 May 2020

Energy Transition Club

Decarbonisation of transport (Webinar)Is the grid fit for purpose for electric vehicles uptake when combined with electric heat? How can electric vehicles be part of the flexibility solution?25 March 2020

Transition Pathway Initiative

Management Quality and Carbon Performance of Transport CompaniesThis slide set reports on TPI’s latest assessment of the transport sector, comprising 57 companies in automobile manufacturing, airlines and international freight shipping. We cover more automobile manufacturers and airlines than last year, and we include shipping companies for the first time.Dec. 2019

Robert Armstrong (NY) and Oliver Ralph (London)

Climate change: can the insurance industry afford the rising flood risk?Insurance systems and government programmes have developed haphazardly, and are ill-suited to deal with the growing risks. This is prompting a rethink over which risks should be held publicly, and which privately.Jan. 2020

McKinsey & Company

How airlines can chart a path to zero-carbon flyingAviation is likely to undergo structural changes with regard to demand and the degree of industry consolidation, which provides an opportunity to rebuild the industry for a low-carbon future May 2020

Nature Reviews Earth & Environment
Kirsi Niinimäki, Greg Peters, Helena Dahlbo, Patsy Perry, Timo Rissanen & Alison Gwilt

The environmental price of fast fashion Identify the environmental impacts at critical points in the textile and fashion value chain, from production to consumption, focusing on water use, chemical pollution, CO2 emissions and textile waste.7 April 2020
Science Based TargetsGuidance for ICT Companies Setting Science Based TargetsHelps ICT companies in setting science based targets for greenhouse gases according to a set of new decarbonisation pathways. For ICT companies operating mobile networks, fixed networks and/or data centres.01 Feb 2020
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