Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement

The resources below have been collated to provide non-executive directors with a knowledge hub.  This brings together relevant climate change materials from regulators, standard setters and other content creators.
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Tove Malmqvist

Climate Change: A GlobeScan Insight

A survey of people in 27 countries reveals that the perceived seriousness of climate change is on the rise in large emitting countries like the USA, China, and India. Findings emphasize that in the minds of the global public, the climate change agenda remains as urgent as ever.

20 Sept 2020
Previous reports, analysis and articles
Organisation / Publication / AuthorLinkInformationDate
VattenfallClimate change still perceived as the most pressing problem of our timeFollow-up study to that in Dec 19, which showed climate change seen by public as most serious problem in world, undertaken in June 2020 to find out if views on climate change have evolved in the wake of COVID-19.18/08/2020
Carbon BriefHow public attitudes towards ‘CO2 removal’ differ in the UK and USSurvey results from UK and US, published in Nature Climate Change, show a new public discourse of climate urgency in both countries is impacting attitudes towards CO2 removal.07/07/2020
The ConversationHow much do people around the world care about climate change?New survey results from 40 countries show that climate change matters to most people. In the vast majority of countries, fewer than 3% said climate change was not serious at all.16/06/2020
Ipsos MORI
Jessica Long
How much do people around the world care about climate change?Seventy-one percent of the world feels climate change is as significant a threat as coronavirus in the long term. So, in the midst of this upheaval, what, if anything, can COVID-19 teach us about the climate crisis?02/06/2020
DeloitteHow consumer behaviour is embracing sustainabilityConsumer trends in 2020 suggest that concerned consumers are adopting a raft of different measures to shop and live more sustainably.01/06/2020
Ipsos MORI
Kelly Beaver
Two thirds of Britons believe Climate Change as serious as Coronavirus Britons say that the environment is an important consideration in the economic recovery after the Coronavirus crisis passes.22/04/2020
Energy Systems CatapultUnderstanding Net Zero: A Consumer PerspectiveWhile 75% of people surveyed believe climate change is a serious threat, only 49% realise natural gas heating contributes to carbon emissions.01/04/2020
Carbon TrustProduct carbon footprint labelling: consumer research 2020International consumer research shows continuing levels of support for carbon labelling on products, with two-thirds of consumers saying they think it is a good idea.01/04/2020
Bright BlueImmediate public expectations of and priorities for the Conservative GovernmentThis report shows there is a significant gap between the level of priority that the UK public expects and wants to place on these key policy issues. The second of the key policy issues the UK public wants to be a high priority is climate change with 64% of people wanting it and air pollution to be a high priority issue.08/01/2020
Ipsos Survey for the World Economic ForumGlobal changes in consumer behaviour in response to climate changeA survey showing amongst others, two-thirds of adults surveyed across 28 countries (69%) say they have made changes to their consumer behavior out of concern about climate change: a lot of changes for 17%, a few changes for the other 52%.01/12/2019
Dr Richard Carmichael,  Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT)  and Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) Imperial College LondonBehaviour change, public engagement and Net ZeroThis report considers the contribution of behavioural and societal shifts to delivering the long-term UK Net Zero target. It identifies opportunities for where shifts in behaviour could deliver deep emissions reductions and recommends policies that could help to deliver them.01/10/2019
You GovInternational Climate Survey – summary findings and full resultsA poll on perceptions around climate change during the period 11 June – 22 July 2019.15/09/2019