Climate change can disrupt companies’ operations and supply chains, while new climate policies, clean technologies and changing consumer attitudes stand to challenge incumbents in many sectors. Following the Paris Agreement on climate change, we expect companies to reach zero carbon emissions on a net basis.
Achieving this extensive overhaul over relatively few business cycles presents significant risks, with the Bank of England warning that companies which fail to adapt ‘will fail to exist’. We see a growing number of clients asking if the companies we invest in have sustainable business models. Yet for future-thinking directors and boards, this also brings significant opportunities.

Sir John Kingman

Chairman, Legal and General

Climate change affects every sector and all businesses. The risk to asset values is now well established and boards are increasingly recognising the need to assess the financial risk resulting from the physical impacts of climate change and to develop strategies for both adaptation to protect their business models, and mitigation to help keep the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C.

Free to join, Chapter Zero gives members the opportunity to shape the new network to ensure it contributes fully to helping companies protect their asset values, adapt to the results of climate change, mitigate their impacts and deal with the transition over the next few years.

Whether a board chair wanting to shape the board agenda on climate change, an audit chair leading the governance of climate change risk and reporting, or as a non-executive director wishing to participate fully in board debates on this complex topic, complete the membership form, and Join Us.