In the lead up to COP26, we are looking to showcase examples of progress and innovation in companies across the UK and beyond, inspire further climate commitments and action, and facilitate collaboration between companies.

This period represents a significant opportunity for business to effect timely climate action, with the potential benefits of improved operational efficiency, customer loyalty, attraction of talent, capital market attractiveness and resilience.

Your input will make a difference

We are developing a platform – the Goal 13 Impact Platform – which will capture company-specific insights into the most impactful initiatives, their climate and commercial impact, barriers to progress and lessons learned. It will also serve as an opportunity to ‘matchmake’ organisations who are working on similar initiatives and challenges, so that we can accelerate progress.

We are engaging organisations of all sizes and sectors through interviews, and we intend to share the findings both through the platform itself and at various partner events such as the CBI’s Achieving Net-Zero conference. The main benefits for businesses taking part will be to amplify their own progress, galvanise their sector and business partners, and have access to a compelling set of insights and collaboration opportunities.


Our team is keen to speak to members about the progress they have made so far, and some of the main challenges that remain. Regardless of where you are in your climate journey, we are interested in speaking to you.

If you would like to get involved in a structured interview covering the above areas, please contact Elicia Cantelo who is managing this project, and we can share more information.