Change Management Toolkit

Principles and frameworks for climate change strategy and action

​Created by Chapter Zero and Eden McCallum, this toolkit is designed to help non-executive directors educate themselves on the business implications of climate change and provide a resource that they, their boards and executives can use to help design and implement a business response. As businesses look to ‘build back better’ post-Covid-19, we hope it is a useful source of information and inspiration.

The toolkit is made up of frameworks and case studies, structured around three phases in any organisation’s climate change journey. We highlight the Board role at each phase and show how the toolkit can help. Non-executives can read this executive summary and then selectively dive deeper into frameworks and resources provided throughout the full Principles and Frameworks document.

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The toolkit breaks the climate change journey into three phases

A checklist for identifying where the critical issues for your business lie

Join us on the journey – we welcome you to a new chapter

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