On Wednesday, 29 April 2020, Julie Baddeley, Chair of the Chapter Zero Steering Committee, published this open letter in the Financial Times.

FT open letter

The last few months have demonstrated that finding
solutions to global challenges requires collaboration in
fundamentally new ways. At Chapter Zero, we’re focused
on just that.

We are a network of more than 750 UK chairs and nonexecutive
directors working to put climate change firmly
on the boardroom agenda. Our members span many of
the UK’s largest listed companies, with Chapter Zero
providing the practical tools and support to make these
conversations a reality.

It may appear that the current falls in emissions have
bought a little time, but experts tell us that this will be
short lived if we do not come out of this crisis with clear
strategies to tackle the longer-term climate threat.
If you would like to join this growing group of directors
who are working to ensure we emerge better equipped
and ready to deal with the climate change challenge,
please get in touch.

Let’s build back better together.
– Julie Baddeley
Chair, Chapter Zero
Part of the World Economic Forum
Climate Governance Initiative



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